Matthew Conley is a producer who hails from a small town in West Virginia. His sound captures an exotic blend of genres, bringing together elements of down-tempo, nu-jazz, left-field, glitchy broken-beats, and world music. The sounds come from various field recordings gathered throughout his own travels through life and around the globe. In 2013, he released limited edition vinyl and cd versions of “Help Yourself” EP.  After landing in Dubai, his debut full length album “Imaginary Places” was voted amongst the top ‘25 albums in 2014’ by Infusion Magazine, who went on to name him the “Aphex Twin of the Middle East”.  While living in Mumbai, India, Matthew opened for KRUNK artist, Sickflip (Sarvesh Shrivastava).  In 2016, Matthew and Arure collaborated to create the epic single “Creatures”.